String Charts

How do I know how the sound of one set compares to another?

We've compiled every set we carry (and then some) in easy-to-discern diagrams, listed by instrument, so that you can better gauge how a new set will change your sound. Sets we carry are pictured with a green surround.


Larsen: Il Cannone Soloist

Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi

Thomastik-Infeld: Dynamo, Dominant Pro, Peter Infeld, Rondo, Rondo Gold, and Ti


Larsen: Original

Pirastro: Evah Pirazzi Gold

Thomastik-Infeld: Dominant Pro, Dynamo, Peter Infeld, Rondo, and Vision Solo


Jargar: Evoke

Larsen: Il Cannone (Direct and Focused/Warm and Broad), Magnacore (Medium/Strong), Magnacore Arioso

Pirastro: Perpetual Edition, Perpetual Soloist

Thomastik-Infeld: Dominant Pro, Rondo, Versum, and Versum Solo

Please note these are generalized diagrams and many factors come into play when dealing with overall sound production. What may be listed as a brilliant and focused string may still sound warm on a dark instrument.

STRING SUGGESTIONS: Let us know of brands you would like to try