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We know how much money can be invested in strings and string accessories, which is why we strive to make returns readily available. However, with a trial-based system, things can get confusing fairly quickly. This page is designed to guide you in selecting the right products and provide clarity on the return process.

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Trial Policy:

Trial Sets, Trial Single Strings, Single String Quartets, and Rosin Flights

-1- Browse and Select

Explore our selection of selected single strings and rosins for violin, viola, and cello. Choose which quartet, flight, or string you would like to try. If you don't see a combination you'd like listed, please contact us at

  • -2- Place Your Order

On the product page you'll be able to see the trial price surrounded by a box. That is the non-refundable price for trialing the item. However, there are perks to trialing and not just purchasing! Please check out the purchase discount photo on the product page for specific information (No discounts available for new strings/sets).

  • -3- Trial Period

Enjoy a risk-free trial period of up to 14 days for Rosin Flights and Trial Strings and 21 days for Single String Quartets. The trial period begins when you receive the product and not when you place your order. Play, experiment, and experience what a different set of strings and accessories can do for you!

  • -4- Purchase or Return

Trial Sets: Return all strings or buy the set.

Trial Single Strings: Return all strings or buy whichever you'd like.

Single String Quartets: Return all strings or buy one when the trial ends.

Rosin Flights: Return all accessories when the trial ends.

Please check out the purchase discount photo on the product page or refer to the discount notecard that came with your product for more specific information.

Contact us at to receive a return label free of charge

Refer to our Refund Policy for more details.

  • Discounts for Post-trial Returns

    We offer a 40-60% discount on all previously trialed strings and string sets. The 40% discounted strings have been on another instrument for a maximum of two weeks and are in like-new condition with a majority of their lifespan intact. Any string that has been out more than two weeks will be discounted past 40%. Post-trial Returns are considered final sale, and as such, we cannot accept returns.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Experience the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of trying and purchasing strings with SoundBox. We are committed to providing exceptional string trials and ensuring that musicians find their perfect match effortlessly. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions, and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Single String Quartets: Color Code

When you receive your trial strings, there may be a colored sticker attached to the packaging. Each color represents the number of times the string has been out on trial.

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Trial Wrap Removal

Removing the wrap after purchasing our strings (optional)

Take a sharp knife and carefully make an incision at either end of the wrap.

Peel back the wrap and cut the remaining shrink wrap off the string

Even though some of the manufacturer wrapping may be frayed, none of the core metal of the string will be affected