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Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin

Leatherwood Rosins

Leatherwood Rosins

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Leatherwood 100% Crisp:

A decisive attack, firm traction and crisp sautille; this recipe creates an undeniably forthright sound through a glassier texture.

The crisp blend works well with an instrument with lots of resonance but is a little ‘woolly’ in sound, offering it greater clarity and articulation. Crisp also assists bows or techniques that struggle to achieve a clear and articulate spiccato or sautille. Crisp can also assist small student or cheap instruments, by enhancing their sound to be brighter and sometimes louder; and beginning students find it easier to articulate with crisp.

Leatherwood 100% Supple:

A warm and softer sound, consistent traction that feels velvety and rich; this recipe maintains a reliably sharp attack on the string.

The supple blend generates a more powerful and focused sound from a softer and lighter bow with less ‘bite’. Supple also enhances the sounds of a deep / warm sounding instrument by making it sound more resonant. Supple can also ‘soften’ an instrument which is too loud, bright or one-dimensional in sound.

Leatherwood 50% Crisp 50% Supple:

A perfect mix of both supple and crisp recipes, this rosin recipe will have a balanced texture and sound palette.

Leatherwood 75% Crisp 25% Supple:

This bespoke recipe is the perfect blend for the soloist. It focuses on power, projection and clarity, with a slightly thicker texture that will highlight warm resonances. 

**This variant is a special order item. It might take us an extra day or two to get it to you**

Leatherwood 75% Supple 25% Crisp:

If you love the warmth and depth of the supple blend, this recipe gives you added clarity and bite to the thicker texture.

Leatherwood ecoRosin:

ecoRosin is a new line of premium rosins, proudly innovated, designed and created in Australia by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin. ecoRosin strives to leave zero footprint on our planet, whilst offering string players premium rosin recipes for colourful music making. ecoRosin uses natural, plant based ingredients and resins, including organic waxes and hemp. ecoRosin uses no animal products and is 100% Vegan. ecoRosin is biodegradable, will leave no waste, and estimated CO2 emissions are offset through investment in renewable energy projects.

  • Plant-based resins, organic oils and waxes
  • 100% Hemp Dew-retted fabric wrap (Violin Viola & Cello)
  • SCS certified recycled container to protect your rosin
  • Biodegradable ingredients and materials
  • Vegan
  • Estimated carbon emissions offset

The ecoRosin recipes offer a clean and precise bite on the string, with a resonant and open sound. A low to medium traction allows for a generous warmth in sonorous playing. The strength of bite on the string is varied in each recipe to suit the Violin, Viola or Cello.

-Leatherwood Rosins

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