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Thomastik Rondo Cello Strings

Thomastik Rondo Cello Strings

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The RONDO set RO400 is appreciated by professional musicians due to its intense tonal depth and accurate bow response at a vast range of dynamic levels. The particular essence of the set RO400 is its innovative synthesis of a barrel-chested, velvet-like sound with the greatest possible “density” and a crystal-clear focus. By merging these qualities to a deep singing sound with a mature vocal character, it creates the widest range of sonic variations, a powerful presence at all dynamic levels and a new playing experience. The set impresses with its maximum resistance to bow pressure and immediate bow response at various bowing speeds, bow pressures and contact points. These strings tonally enrich both old and modern instruments with their intense depth, brilliant contour and sweetness – sound qualities mostly associated with “old Italian” instruments.

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